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Search By Name

Performing a Background Check (also called a Public Records Search) using TruthFinder is useful if you already know someone’s full name.

  1. Login to TruthFinder.com
  2. Click the “Search By Name” tab (you should see “Search For Background Reports” form)
  3. Enter a first and last name, plus an additional city and state (if known)
  4. Click the green “Search” button
  5. Next, you’ll see a list of people with the same name
  6. Use the Age, Location, and Possible Relatives columns to identify the correct record
  7. Click the green “Open Report” button next to the record of your choice

TIP: Adding a city and/or state to your search will greatly improve the accuracy of your results

Background Reports May Include:

  • Full name, aliases and date of birth
  • Companies they’ve worked for and their job titles
  • Education data (university and degree earned)
  • Possible relatives (with links to their reports)
  • Friends and people they may be associated with
  • Places they’ve lived (with full addresses)
  • Criminal and court records (when available)
  • Licenses they have (sometimes including marriage)

Search By Phone Number

Reverse Phone Lookups allow you to look up who owns a phone number. All you need is a phone number (including area code) to find out who’s calling.

  1. Login to TruthFinder.com
  2. Click the “Search By Phone” tab
  3. Enter a U.S. phone number (including the 3 digit zip code)
  4. Click the green “Search” button

Phone Reports May Include:

  • Phone owner’s identity and known aliases
  • Additional contact info like possible email addresses associated with the number
  • History of who else may have owned the same number
  • Social profiles linked with the phone number

Search By Email

You can find a surprising amount of public records data with just an email address. It’s common for people to use more than one email address, so searching by email can lead to even more data than is available in a phone lookup or regular background search.

  1. Login to TruthFinder.com
  2. Click the “Search By Email” tab
  3. Enter any email address (personal or business)
  4. Tap, or click, the green “Search” button

Email Reports May Include:

  • Personal info including the owner of the email address
  • Phone number tied to the same email address
  • Possible photos of the owner
  • Social profiles and usernames

Search By Address

Reverse Address Lookups are helpful for finding out more about your neighbors. You can easily find a neighbor’s name, spouse, education, job title, and sometimes even more with just an address (when available).

  1. Login to TruthFinder.com
  2. Click the “Search By Address” tab option
  3. Enter the street address (i.e. 123 Plaza Lane), city, state and zip code (if you know it)
  4. Tap/click the green “Search” button

TIP: If you’re searching an apartment building address you could get a long list of possible residents (which is useful to a lot of users). Adding the apartment/unit number will help narrow your search.

Address Reports May Include:

  • Satellite image map
  • List of possible current and past residents (which lead to an individual background report)
  • Location and U.S. Census data (additional address details)
  • Demographics for the area
  • Popular places in the neighborhood (restaurants, entertainment and more)
  • Crime statistics for the area and sex offenders in the vicinity