5 Facts About Online Reviews (And How They Can Impact Your Business)

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As more consumers seek goods and services online, reviews on Yelp, Google, and social media platforms gain more influence over consumer decisions. This means that managing your online reviews is a crucial way to keep your business's reputation in good standing. Here are five ways online reviews can impact your business.

How Reviews Affect Business Testimonial

They're Often The First Impression People Get About Your Brand

Before the internet, the first impressions of your business would come from word-of-mouth or by having a customer visit your brick-and-mortar establishment. However, the internet has changed everything.

Today, your website and online reviews serve as your "front door" through which customers can see if they want to work with you. If you have many bad reviews, chances are high that they will take their business elsewhere.

According to statistics from Nielsen's 2013 Global Trust in Advertising Report, 68% of people trust online reviews in their decision-making process. On top of that, 88% of these people trust online reviews just as much as a personal recommendation.

So, if your profiles are bombarded with unhappy customers, they won't help you attract more business.

More Positive Reviews Bring In More Customers

While negative reviews turn potential customers away, positive reviews are absolutely critical for bringing in new clients. They're also key to establishing a reputation of trust and reliability. When customers feel confident about your product, they'll choose your brand over others. That means you should see more business!

They're A Valuable Customer Service Platform

Reviews give you an opportunity to communicate directly to your community in a public and visible space. If you respond well to your reviews, everyone can see how much you care about how you run your business. Interacting with your customers kindly and frequently is also a form of free advertising that can help build a rapport of trust between you and your future customers.

Be Proactive In Nurturing Positive Reviews

According to Zendesk, customers are more likely to post a negative review than a positive one. People tend to get more vocal when they are disgruntled, so you'll often see more negative reviews on your accounts if you don't encourage happy customers to review your business.

While you nurture positive reviews, you should also respond to negative reviews and offer a solution to the unhappy customer. Who knows — maybe those negative reviews can be changed to help boost your credibility!

They Contribute To Your Overall Reputation

Every review contributes to your company’s online and physical reputation. Therefore, whether you're flying high with a majority of great reviews or working on repairing your reputation after a bad spell of negative reviews, you should always have a plan in place to remain responsive, positive, and engaged with your customers.

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