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Would you like to speak to someone about your TruthFinder membership, or have a question or complaint?

Members can reach out to a dedicated TruthFinder customer service agent for the answers to any question.


(800) 699-8081


5am to 10pm PST (8am-1am EST)

*Holiday hours may vary




24 hours a day, 7 days a week

*Please allow up to 12 hours for responders

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Our U.S. based Customer Service Agents are happy to help you with anything.

Billing Questions

If you have a subscription to TruthFinder, you will see either of the following on your credit card (or bank) statement:


Memberships will automatically renew each month until you cancel your TruthFinder Account.

You may cancel your account anytime by giving us a call, or sending us an email.

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Don’t want your information to be found on TruthFinder anymore?

We will remove your information at no charge. Simply fill out this online form or contact customer support via email or phone.

Opt out requests may take up to 72 hours to process.